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How was your stay?
Please tell us about your stay at the Hotel Deauville. Feel free to share your experience with us! Tell us about your room, the staff, the beach and more! We appreciate your feedback and we are always looking for new ways to make your stay with us a beter one. Click here to share your experience with us! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

“Great location near beach, very friendly staff, free parking. Pleasantly surprised to find a bathroom, TV and VCR in our private room. Loved the overall atmosphere. The room was small but efficient; we felt very safe. enjoyed the pool and the fact that we could connect our laptop to the internet for free. I would definitely stay there again.”
- Hostelbookers, 13 June 12

“It’s not like a normal hostel! It’s more!! You can enjoy your day, big rooms, a swimming pool, own bathroom and nice people!!!”
- Hostelbookers, 19 June 12

“I stayed with my husband and two year old daughter. We had a GREAT time. The staff were so helpful & friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a great trip for an affordable price. The place was clean & it had a full kitchenette. Loved it!”
- 10 July 12

“This was the friendliest place I have stayed while traveling. The staff were excellent and I felt safe.”
- Hostelbookers 27 Aug 12

“I have lots of experience staying at hostels and this is a great place!! Very clean and well run. The staff is friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is very social but not in the typical hostel sense. It is a slightly more mature laid back quiet crowd and not the young, drunk, partying type place but plenty of interesting and lots of fun. The location is very near the beach (just a couple of blocks) and plenty of restaurants and a pharmacy type store very close by. The hostel is on a couple of bus routes as well. All in all a terrific bargain and really nice place to stay. And the pool is fantastic!
- Hostelbookers 24 February 13

“The environment of the hostel made is really easy to meet everyone and we were all very close. They had BBQ dinners every Sunday and the managers were very helpful with any questions we had.”
- Hostelbookers 31 March 13

“This place was perfect- I was looking for somewhere quiet and cozy. If you’re looking for a wild party- don’t choose this one. It’s perfect for those of us looking for a quiet yet sociable getaway, for a fantastic price. The staff was amazing - showing me around the hostel even when I showed up late in the evening. The room was super clean and with its own fridge. The beach just 2 blocks away, and it was a simple drive from the airport. Thank you Deauville Hostel!!
- 16 March 13

“I had a very good time at the hostel. Great location, great staff and good security! Sola Nigeria.”
- Hostelbookers 09 May 13